I'm David Ding.

I was born in the Midwest, and hopped around a few places as a kid before my family finally settled in sunny San Diego, where I stayed through high school.

I did my undergraduate studies in math and computer science at Caltech in Pasadena. As is commonly said there, it was a total fire hose of information, and you drink what you can. I had a really great time (for curious fellow Techers, I was in Ruddock and Dabney). My Caltech coursework is here.

While at Caltech, I did internships at Lockheed Martin, AIG, and Google. Additionally, I was a waiter for house dinners, and a teaching assistant for several classes.

Upon graduation, I moved across the country to New York, where I began working at Google full-time, on backend data quality and infrastructure. In the meantime, I also earned a part-time Master's in machine learning from Columbia (coursework here). I also took a brief break from Maps to do a rotation with a machine learning research team in the Bay Area, where I published a paper in NIPS.

After four years at Google, I decided I wanted a change of pace. I started seeking out opportunities at smaller companies, whereupon a friend connected me with Citizen. It was a great fit for what I wanted, and I have been working at Citizen since October 2018.

That's the story so far. The rest is to be determined...